Products and Services






DBI's suite of Wireless Broadband and IP Communication Services will include the following:


Wireless Broadband

Fixed Access and Nomadic Service

Speeds up to 3.0 Mbps and above

Uncapped usage

Full suite of ISP services


VoIP Services

Local, National and International calling

Voice Messaging, email notification / VM to email conversion

Customer configurable features (call-transfer, call-waiting, conference, blocking lists, multiple ringing, etc.)


Data and Virtual Private Line Service

VPN and Thin Software based Solutions for enterprises

Virtual E1s - for Business Customers


IP based Security Systems

Remote Video Surveillance

Flexible, low cost security for the home and workplace

Service Overview

Leap Frog Technology and Service Coverage

DBI will offer Residential and Business customers a wide array of IP applications and communications services. DBI will provide dedicated, "always on" internet access with download speeds of up to 3.0 Mbps and greater. Customers will access the Internet using easy to install (plug and play), high-speed modems.

Customers may also choose from a broad suite of IP applications including email, webhosting, instant messaging, and other multimedia applications. Voice Services will include local calling plans combined with affordable domestic and international long distance calling.

Small to mid-sized business solutions will include virtual private lines, wireless E-1 service, IP Security Applications, service level agreements (SLAs) and much more. As the technology matures, DBI will introduce LTE/GSM services which will allow customers with hybrid LTE/GSM phones, to seamlessly switch between their LTE-Advanced broadband service at home and their mobile phone service when they travel beyond reach of the DBI Network

Customer Satisfaction

At DBI, superior customer service will be our hallmark. DBI services will be easy to order, easy to install and easy to use. DBI will offer Innovative service plans and flexible packaging options that are competitively priced.

DBI Customers will enjoy the flexibility of managing their accounts via the web for access to billing, technical support and other customer services. Backed by DBI's Call Centre with " 24x7x365" Customer support, DBI will bring new meaning to the phrase the Customer Always Comes First.